Mini Retro Arcade Retro Mini Handheld


  • Neogeo mini Pro player Pack includes 40 masterpieces from all the classic games on NEOGEO platform, including the 'King of Fighters', 'Fatal fury', 'metal Slug', 'Samurai showdown' And much more!
  • Neogeo mini Pro player Pack contains the mini Console with its own built-in 3.5" Lcd screen, joystick and controls, and two pad controllers with an HDMI cable to play with friends on the big screen TV.
  • Neogeo mini's arcade design brings back precious memories from the famous NEOGEO arcade machines.
  • Neogeo mini is Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and plugs into a USB power supply so you can play anywhere.
  • Neogeo mini has a built-in instant save/load function so you can save the progress of any game to play at another time.